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Camp Zelizy is situated in the National park Kokorinsko, it is a great starting point for people who enjoy hiking, cycling and mainly for those who love beautiful scenery.

Our camp is simply equip, there are three, four, five and six bedroom cottages with the capacity of sixty people and a space for tents. The cottages are equip with beds, a wardrobe, a food cabinet, a table, chairs and a bench on the veranda. In every cottage there also is a socket. However, the socket is power limited (you can use it for a mobile phone charger, a small TV, a radio, etc). At the bottom part of the camp there is a kiosk with sitting and basic refreshment, draught beer and ice-cream.

Our camp has a car park.

We welcome all customers who like calm, clean and nice environment with the opportunity of various exploitation.

Our camp is used by not only people who like to rest but also those who like to have fun and like lovely walks and travelling.

Our camp is also available for school trips, convalescent stays or concentration trainings.

Our swimming pool is open daily from 10:30am. It is filled with drinking water from our own resource and it is cleaned every day. There is sitting with refreshment for about 60 people there as well. On the grass area there are few umbrellas ready for you free of charge.

In the close distance from Zelizy there is a lot of interesting places that we recommend to visit, for example creations carved in the sandstone by Václav Levy. Best known are Devil's heads {Certovy hlavy}, Klacelka, Snake {Had}, Harfenice etc. You can also visit a castle Kokorin in the valley near by. Another tourist interest is a rock formation called Pot lids (Poklicky). Lovers of history will appreciate a muzeum in Melnik. People who love collecting forest fruit and mushrooms will be happy here too.

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